Merry Christmas and Season’s Greetings from the team at Earthwire

2012 has been quite a year for Earthwire Productions.  Principally, it has marked the theatrical and DVD release of our feature film JOURNEY OF A STORY, the culmination of three years work by a huge crew of people.  We were lucky enough meet our target release date of April 25th, Anzac Day, and were very fortunate to be able to release in 14 cinemas on a day of national significance.  Local and national media supported us with the release by television coverage on TVNZ’s BREAKFAST and Sky’s PRIME NEWS.

Another milestone was reached in October when the film premiered in Europe with a short season in Graz, Austria.  As this town was the location of the prisoner of war camp in the 1940s it was again of great significance to the Earthwire team that we were able to exhibit there.

In related Earthwire film news, in May this year Dimi Nakov’s film BLINDSIDE appeared in the Short Film Corner at the 65th Cannes Film Festival.  BLINDSIDE was co-written by Chantal and it was enormously satisfying to be associated with the prestigious festival via a writing credit.

Chantal’s achievements in writing and filmmaking were recognised at national level in November by her nomination as a finalist in the artistic achievement category for the New Zealand Attitude Awards.  Chantal continues to write and has several scripts and ideas currently in development.

This year Kay has taken up a role as regular contributor for website Grown Ups  ( .  She is enjoying writing on a weekly basis about all manner of subjects and is enjoying a growing following.

The last half of 2012 was focused on pre-production for Earthwire’s next project, the steam-punk themed train heist short film STELLA 459.  A visual effects heavy piece, this film is scheduled to begin shooting in mid 2013.  The story follows three small-time crooks as they attempt to rob a freight train in a futuristic take on Victorian England.  The team are very excited about the potential of shooting a whole different genre again and director Jonathon is looking forward to seeing the realisation of a pet project that has seen incremental development over a number of years.

Earthwire Productions never sits still for long, 2013 promises to be another busy and productive year.