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Journey of a story is a unique, New Zealand feature film. Set in the present and also the decade around World War II, it follows the story of soldier William Brown and his struggle to cope in an environment very different from the one he left behind. The film is dedicated to the filmmaker's father and grandfather, and a tribute to the generation of Kiwi families that struggled in the aftermath of WWII.

The film, began in 2009, is now complete and enjoyed a theatrical release across New Zealand on Anzac Day 2012 release. The DVD is now available for purchase.

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Current Screenings:

We are very pleased to announce that the Rechbauer Cinema in Graz, Austria will be exhibiting JOURNEY OF A STORY from October 26. Having the opportunity to screen in Graz is very special to us as this is the town where Pvt George Parrish (the inspiration for the film) was held prisoner of war 70 years ago.

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